This is the first single from the “Levation Sound” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) coming in December.OUT TODAY


Final Track Listing for “2 Is Better Than 1:The Duets Album Vol. 2:Spirit & Life


cover of my CD
cover of my CD

1.Intro(feat. Devonte James aka Fa Sho)
2.Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Ya (feat. ER Ruiz)
3.Praise(feat.Young Grimey)
4.When You See Me(Blessed) (feat. Robert Delgado aka Wicked Rob)
5.I Never Regret Loving U (feat.Iky Loc)
6.Wonderful World (feat.JuJu)
7.Best Love(feat. Michelle Sullivan)
8.Real Luv(feat. Devonte James aka FA Sho)
9.I Survived (Because Of You) (feat.Juan Mojica aka Lil Gee)
10.God Bless The Child(feat.Dante Chambers)
11.The Lord Is Blessing Me(feat. Homer Brown and His Group)
12.Elsewhere(Ronin Gray Take Over Remix)(feat. Ronin Gray)
13.I Never Regret Loving U (Smoothed Out Solo Remix)